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Our Story

Lincoln Cleaning Service was established in 2003. The creation of the company came from the owners trying to find the right cleaning service for their own investment and real estate needs.  After many failed attempts in cleaning services available in the area; the owners of Cubic Realty decided it is time for a cleaning service that can do what our facility needs.  For the years to follow Lincoln Cleaning Service worked closely with real estate brokers in the area to secure and clean recently vacated properties including residential, bank owned and commercial.  We assisted in maintaining the properties during the time on the market. During this time we gained techniques and training used to develop our cleaning programs today.

In 2010 Lincoln Cleaning Service became an LLC and began our journey to specializing solely in the commercial cleaning industry.

Today we have over ten years of collective experience in the commercial cleaning industry. With the experience and techniques developed over the years we can ensure that our employees are providing the highest quality of service to your facility.

Locally owned and operated, we train all of our employees to ensure that each employee fully understands your specific facility and what is expected.

Our Promise

Lincoln Cleaning Service shares your concern for the health, safety and well being of your employees, customers and the environment.  We strive to use environmentally friendly products when possible and ensure that all of our employees complete a safety training course.

For your safety all employees are subject to random monitored drug screening, background checks and training programs.

We also have a strict quality control program conducted by staff supervisors and our owners. We go above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the highest quality service that is available.

Still Not Sure?

No worries, Lincoln Cleaning Service is fully insured. You don't need the stress of worrying if the individual cleaning your facility is covered or what would happen if they were to have an accident on your property.

With us you can be worry free when it comes to your cleaning needs. Lincoln Cleaning Service has up to date insurance including General Liability, Auto and Workman's Compensation. We also carry an Umbrella Policy to relieve any additional worries.

Ready to schedule your evaluation......

You may have someone already cleaning your facility. Maybe it's an employee, or maybe it's you. Wouldn't you and your employees time be better spent focusing on what your company does best and leave the cleaning to us? This not only makes happier employees but a less stressed you!