Residential Services

Lincoln Cleaning Service's residential service are available to assist homeowners in spending less time cleaning and maintaining their home and more time living in it. Many people are now working from home and that means spending more time in the home. This can result in more use which means more cleaning. It also means when you are stuck somewhere for eight or more hours a day, you notice a lot more. From that cobweb on the light to the dust behind the door; don't let it get you down, let Lincoln Cleaning Service handle it and focus on your work and your family.

Our residential services are affordable and can be customized to fit your needs. We can adjust frequency and alternate task as needed. Call today to speak to one of our specialist.

Electrostatic Cleaning

Electrostatic spraying allows charged droplets of sanitizer to seek out uncoated surfaces and creates a wrapping effect to coat and disinfect even those hard to get to crevices.

The droplets are charged as they pass through an electrode in the nozzle of the machine atomizing the cleaning solution. The charged particles are attracted to the surface area and wrap around the surface allowing all areas to be disinfected.

With our world changing and new threats to our environment, electrostatic disinfecting is your best defense to help fight the corona virus as well as other viral infections that ore commonly transmitted in the workplace. Our services extend further than standard cleaning, we care about your safety.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Lincoln Cleaning Services can cater to any business type from large commercial facilities to small offices. Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of your facility and your budget.

Our staff is qualified and trained to work in busy surroundings and we can service your organization during business hours with minimal disruption. After hours service is also available.

We provide services for community and non-profit organizations, businesses of all sizes, government facilities, privately owned organizations, and schools.  There is no business too large or small, we can service them all!

Investment Property Cleaning

Lincoln Cleaning Service offers cleaning & janitorial services for investors, property managers and home builders.

  • New Vacancy Homes/Apartments/Condos - Our staff can assist with a detailed clean before your property is move-in-ready.
  • Between Tenant Cleanings - When tenants move out they may not always leave the units in pristine condition. Our staff is experienced in making the new tenant feel like the first!
  • Rentals - Residential housing that is used as rental property can be cleaned by our staff. We can clean before the first tenant moves in as well as between tenants. We can also assist if you have extended-stay housing for clients.
  • Commercial or Consignment Space - This service is offered to business owners or consignment renters that may rent space in a larger unit or building and are responsible for maintaining their own space. We can assist to ensure that your space is clean and tidy.
  • Investment property - We also offer cleaning services to investors. This service is for newly renovated, new construction, or property that is going to be sold or put on the market.

Event Cleaning Service

Need someone to clean up for a special occasion or important event? Look no further, Lincoln Cleaning Service can provide a deep thorough cleaning to your facility for those special moments and milestones in your business. After the party is over, we can schedule a return trip to ensure that business can resume as normal the next day.

We also offer services to those renting venues for special occasions. Sometimes those cost are not included in your rental fees and can often be extremely overpriced. Our staff is trained to ensure there are no spiders and dust bunnies crashing your party.


Floor Services

Lincoln Cleaning Services also offers floor services including deep cleaning, stripping and waxing floors. Many times floors become stained with layers of dirt and grime and need a fresh deep clean to bring them back to life.

If you are really looking to bring back the shine to your floors you may need to have them stripped and waxed. If your floors have previously been waxed in the past year it is possible that a good buffing will do the trick.

Please remember if your floors are worn, torn or discolored; cleaning, stripping or waxing may not be the answer and we would not want our clients to have false expectations that having this service will make your floors appear brand new if they are in poor condition.

Cracked and torn tiles may become further damaged when using any type of floor machine and it is not recommended in some cases.  There is also a risk in deep cleaning old and worn tile that has not been waxed in a long period of time. Any remaining wax coating can be pulled from the flooring during cleaning and will result in a clean floor but may need to be waxed afterwards to bring back the shine.

Your Lincoln Cleaning Service representative will discuss this with you at the time of initial visit and if you decide to continue with the floor services we will certainly provide the best care possible to your floors. However if your floors are already damaged or discolored Lincoln Cleaning Service can not guarantee that some issues may not occur.

If you have questions about your flooring contact our office and a representative can come to your site and discuss your options.


" How Do I sign up for services?"

It's simple. All you need to do is contact us. A qualified representative will set up a time that fits your schedule to evaluate your facility for services.

During the evaluation our representative will tour your facility, and discuss with you the details of frequency and any supplies that you want included.

The entire process takes about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the size and details of your facility. Afterwards we will schedule a follow up visit to sit down and discuss the proposal we have carefully designed for your specific needs. This way we can ensure all of your questions are answered and you feel comfortable with our services.


"What if I have a limited budget?"

Our staff can design a program that fits any budget.  We start by focusing on the frequency of high traffic areas such as restrooms, break rooms and entryways. Then we can discuss the other areas in your facility and recommend the best approach to keeping your facility clean.

"What happens if I need a change in service?"

You are in good hands.  We can make changes to your program anytime. So if you have an increase or decrease in workflow, or you have unexpected expenses that require budget cuts; we understand. Just call in and a representative will make the adjustments needed.

The best part is there are no fees or fines for a change in services. We work hard to earn your business with every visit. That is why we do not require contracts, and no contracts means no early termination fees.

We believe in frequent communication with our clients  so we can ensure your expectations are met.

Next Steps...

If you .....

  • Notice that your facility is not as clean as it should be - and you kow your customers are noticing too!
  • Have employees or members cleaning your facility and it is distracting them from their duties.
  • Have a new business and would like a free no-obligation quote.
  • Need your rentals or investments cleaned.
  • Currently have a cleaning company that is no longer fulfilling their promises.
  • Need a one time cleaning for an event, meeting or move-in.

Then your next step is to contact Lincoln Cleaning Service and let us guide you to a cleaner environment.